Sage 300 Inventory Control

Current version:
Sage 300 2022, released in November 2021.
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Sage 300 Inventory Control makes it easy for you to take control and manage your inventory.

With easily accessible information, you can make better business decisions about what merchandise to stock, how to price it, what to discontinue, and follow trends to determine what to market.

Analyzing your inventory history gives you new flexibility to plan special pricing. All information for profitability planning and product trend analysis is readily available.

Your operations will be significantly more efficient, helping boost profits, and customer service will improve dramatically, too.

Inventory Control features:

  1. Multi-Level Warehouse And Locations
  2. Stock Transfer
  3. Costing
  4. Quality Control
  5. Inter-Company Stock Tracking
  6. Physical Stock-Check
  7. Stock Replenishment

With Sage 300 Inventory Control, you get efficient and effective inventory management without compromising on functionality. With the automated tracking, costing, and reporting, and the cost benefits of dramatically streamlined processes, you will have the insight you need to control costs and boost profits.

Powerful Inventory ControlOrganize inventory records quickly and easily with the ability to set up items and prices by entering all item information within a single item wizard.

Sage 300 allows unlimited warehouse locations and tracks pricing, cost, stock, and order information for each item and location.

You can automatically monitor inventory status for each item and location, such as available for sale, not in stock, overstocked, oversold, on hand, on order, committed to sale/production, and transfer locations.

Powerful processing features include unlimited transactions, serial/lot tracking (optional), bin numbers, multilevel bill of materials, kitting functionality, and an easy-to-use physical count process.

Designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of diverse business environments, Inventory Control allows you to maintain and report on as many as eight different costs per location, including FIFO, LIFO, moving average, user-defined and serial or lot costing (optional).

Handle fractional quantities to four decimal places and maintain different units of measure for purchasing, selling, and stock.

Leverage Flexible PricingPricing promotions allow you to market effectively the products you want to move through inventory to maximize your profitability.

Sage 300 reporting gives you the insight you need to determine what products you should promote. Integration with the Accounts Receivable module offers powerful pricing functionality that allows you to offer volume discounts, price specials, contract prices, commission incentives, and discounts for specific inventory items, locations, and customers, as well as for selected date ranges.

Additionally, percent or dollar volume discounts can be set up for selected customers and customer classifications, items, and inventory classifications. Maintain separate price lists for different customer types, payment methods, regions, or currencies.

You can also set up pricing based on cost plus a percentage or amount, by weight, quantity, or unit of measure and by customer type. Assign as many as five markup or five discount price levels per item and price list. You can even specify whether to always use the lowest of contract price, discounted base price, or sale price for specific customers.

Seamless ConnectivityAs a fully integrated solution, Inventory Control provides Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Warehouse Management, Service Management, and Project and Job Costing users with a complete view of inventory item status, including on-hand, committed to sales, and committed to production quantities.

You can tie your inventory items to preferred vendors, sales tax keys, and general ledger accounts.

With the addition of the Project and Job Costing module, you can even track project costs at the line item level on all transactions.

Comprehensive Reports and InquiriesYou can easily monitor the activity, status, valuation, and month-to-month sales history of any inventory item including carrying costs past demand and seasonal fluctuations.

Extensive reporting capabilities provide the insights you need to optimize stock levels and avoid over- and under-stocking dilemmas.

Profit analysis of each item using any costing method and a month-by-month comparison of past pricing and sales equip you with the big-picture insights into which items to carry and which to discontinue.

Standard report examples:

  • Item Status,
  • Item Valuation,
  • Markup Analysis,
  • Overstocked Items,
  • Physical Inventory Worksheet,
  • Slow Moving Items,
  • Selling Price/Margin Analysis,
  • Reorder Report,
  • General Ledger Transactions,
  • and more.
Secure Business IntegritySafe, secure, and controlled – protect the sensitive information in your business.

Sage 300 software assures comprehensive security at variable levels, protecting your highly sensitive data from unauthorized access or manipulation.

sage 300 inventory control transactions visual process flow

Sage 300 Inventory Control Transactions visual process flow

sage 300 inventory control maintain items visual process flow

Sage 300 Inventory Control Maintain Items visual process flow

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