Managing a sales team in Sage 300

With Sage 300, you can associate one or more sales persons to a customer’s account.

These sales persons would be primarily responsible for taking care of the customer’s needs.

In addition, you can maintain sales commission rates if needed.

Sales persons are defined in Sage 300 Accounts Receivable module.

For each sales person, you can specify:

  • An Annual Sales Target
  • Select whether he or she is entitled to commissions, and
  • Define up to 5 levels of commission rates
Sales person statistics in Sage 300

You can also view statistics for each sales person

Once you have created Sales Persons, you can link the record to one or more customers in Accounts Receivable.

Link sales person to customer record in Sage 300

You do this in the Invoicing tab of the Customer record.

In the customer record, you can add one or more sales persons.

This is useful if you have a sales team and there are  managers or supervisors who oversee them.

If you prefer not to associate sales persons with customers, you can add them on the fly while creating a sales invoice in Accounts Receivable.

Add sales person in Sage 300 invoice

While creating an invoice, go to the Sales Split tab and view the associated sales persons.

Note that even if you have previously linked sales persons to this customer, you can remove them from this particular invoice by selecting the record and pressing the Delete key.

You can also add new sales person record by pressing the insert key.

This also applies to Credit and Debit Notes in Sage 300 Accounts Receivable.

In Sage 300 Order Entry, you can associate sales persons to the Quotes and Sales Order as well.

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