Sage 300 General Ledger

Current version

Sage 300 2023, released in November 2022.

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The General Ledger module is the heart of your financial accounting processes, and provides the flexibility to meet current and future financial management requirements.

It has a robust feature set designed to handle your most demanding budgeting and processing needs, meeting the requirements of organizations of all types and sizes.

Financial reporter

A built-in Financial Reporter Tool allows you to easily create accurate financial reports, such as an Income Statement Summary, Balance Sheet, or other Excel®-based reports.

The Financial Reporter is a powerful reporting tool that uses Microsoft Excel to manipulate, format, graph, and print general ledger data.

General Ledger seamlessly connects with all modules and is the key to maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data.


  • Configurable general ledger account setup allows adoption of unique processes and best practices.
  • Fully compliant with GAAP, FASB, and IFRS, including full transaction threading from sub modules for comprehensive data auditing.
  • Easily manage up to ten different account segments and store up to 99 years of financial history for detailed financial reporting.
  • Create income summaries, balance sheets, and cash flow statements a breeze with built-in financial report writer.
  • Built-in business intelligence optimizes financial management and analytics.
  • Easily import transactions from other applications or export data.
  • Efficiently handle multicurrency with full control over transactions.
  • Organize data for multilevel reporting.
  • G/L security functionality enables organizations to control which users can view or use certain general ledger accounts based on segment validation in G/L security settings. Set access rights for single or multi segment validation or for single or multiple account validation.

sage 300 general ledger visual process flow

Sage 300 General Ledger visual process flow

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