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Sage 300 2023, released in November 2022.

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Sage 300 Accounts Payable allows you to automate your vendor and supplier payments.

Accurately track and manage accounts payable details to supply company decision makers, external analysts, and stakeholders with key information on company liabilities.

Sage 300 Accounts Payable provides a feature-rich solution including tools to help you automate the paper and manual elements of processing your payables—creating a requisition process that is effective, efficient, and accurate.

With Accounts Payable you can prevent duplicate payments, pay for only the goods and services you order and receive, and maximize supplier discounts.

Easily track detailed information on your vendors and suppliers.

Utilize credit- terms tracking and aging reports that provide insight into who needs to be paid and when they should be paid to take advantage of discounts.

Easily import transactions, set up recurring payments, utilize customized fields (optional), and more.

The seamless integration within the Sage 300 solution provides the data integrity and security needed to enforce limitations on data access and keeps you compliant with audit regulations such as GAAP and IFRS.

With Sage 300 Accounts Payable, you can control expenses, eliminate duplicate payments, and improve financial records security – and realize the cost benefits of dramatically streamlined processes.


Comprehensive Account Management

With this comprehensive financial management tool, you can prioritize payments, negotiate terms all in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable helps you quickly resolve business issues by providing immediate and accurate responses to supplier inquiries.

You can record detailed information about your suppliers, including preferences on purchasing, payment, and invoice processing.

For new vendors you can create a new vendor and remit-to location on the fly or for more long-term accounts set up and schedule recurring payables for invoices paid on a regular basis.

Set up payment codes to define the type of payment you are utilizing, such as credit card, cash, or check.

Keep details of all fully paid transactions and print them when needed.

With its powerful accounting and reporting features, Accounts Payable makes it easy to manage the detailed information your company requires.

Accurate Processing

Accounts Payable facilitates rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement, and full payment reconciliation using Bank Services.

Import transactions from other applications, create reusable templates, and use advanced import options to update or replace recurring payables and terms codes.

Automatically distribute invoices to as many general ledger expense or asset accounts as you require by defining distribution sets.

Change discount percentages or amounts as required and establish standard payment selection criteria for creating payment batches.

You can even generate and print system cheques for current payables and last-minute transactions with or without payment advices, while adhering to stringent security regulations.

Seamless Connectivity

Accounts Payable eliminates redundant entry efforts by automatically updating General Ledger journal entry batches – you can even choose which transaction details to capture.

And best yet, Sage 300 includes a Sage CRM user at no additional cost.

Sage CRM ensures your staff has detailed vendor and supplier information on hand – even when they are on the road, as mobile functionality is built in.

With this fully integrated solution you have access to current inventory and accounts payable records, so you can make shipping decisions with confidence and operate more efficiently.

Multicurrency Capabilities

Take control of the global marketplace with robust multi currency capabilities, including instant conversion of foreign currencies to home currency and vice versa and calculation of gains and losses accrued through currency exchange.

Providing payments in your vendors’ currency makes it easy and convenient for them to do business with you.

You can even print cheques in English, Spanish, or French (other languages available through customized reporting).

Using Accounts Payable with the Multicurrency Manager module empowers you to transcend many of the operational challenges of global enterprise.

Comprehensive Analysis

Stay in control of payments to suppliers and employees and keep your accounting records up to date so you always know your cash position.

With Accounts Payable you can drill down from General Ledger transaction history with powerful inquiry tools.

You can also quickly view payments in date order or cheque number order in Vendor Activity or view your vendor payments by bank range, vendor range, check status, transaction type, date range, year and period range, and check number range.

You can also use the Inquiry functionality to quickly create custom data lists.

Analytical reports as well as batch options help you determine whether to take available discounts.

Standard report samples:

  • Aged Cash Requirements,
  • Aged Payables,
  • Check Register,
  • Vendor Transactions,
  • General Ledger Transactions,
  • and more

sage 300 accounts payable
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