Multi location Sage 300 implementation

Jakarta, Indonesia
January 2018

In our recent project, we were required to implement the financial modules of Sage 300 for a group with 14 entities located at distances of up to 2,000km from head office.

The CFO required each entity to maintain their individual accounts independently while retaining overall control at head office.

Each entity’s finance department consisted of one finance manager, and, depending on the volume of transactions that needed to be handled, up to 3 finance staff assisting them. In total, there were 22 users for the group.

Prior to the implementation of Sage 300, each entity had separate systems and processes for managing the finances, and reported to head office in a mix of formats, resulting in head office having to spend time both making sense of the statements as well as consolidating them.

Our challenge in implementing Sage 300 included standardizing processes and systems across the group to ensure consistent, accurate reporting to head office. This not only included the chart of accounts, it also included best practices for processing of transactions across all entities of the group.

To enable access to Sage 300 for all users, we deployed the solution on a managed hosted server. Every user would then access the server remotely and then login to Sage 300.

This provided several advantages:

  1.  Sage 300 need only be deployed on the server as opposed to deploying on multiple computers
  2. All data is located centrally and is accessible by the CFO and Accountant at head office
  3. Head office maintains central control over Sage 300 for all entities. For example, they can:
    • add and remove user accounts,
    • standardize report formats,
    • set exchange rates,
    • lock fiscal periods, etc
  4. Backup of data is from one location

The project timeline was 2 and a half months, commencing end November 2017 through to mid February 2018.

We have successfully completed the implementation and, as of writing this article, are pleased to update that they have been using Sage 300 successfully and were able to generate the necessary financial reports for head office to consolidate and present to management.

Time taken for managing finances has been drastically improved while allowing for checks and controls to be put in place.

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