Sage 300 remote support


Welcome to Deltatech’s Sage 300 remote support.

To start, please enter the session ID our support technician provided you in the box below and click Connect.

Don’t have a Session ID?

Get a Session ID by requesting Accpac/Sage 300 support here.

Advantages of remote support

  • Speed
    We are able to respond to your support request quicker as all we need is an internet connection on your end and permission to connect to your computer to help you.
  • Availability
    We can assist you wherever you are located. We have customers in both West and East Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines that we assist without having to physically travel to the location
  • Cost effective
    Remote support does not require physically travelling to your location and saves time and travel costs. Our remote support plan therefore is more cost effective with a reduction of up to 60% of the total cost in relation to on-site support.
  • Efficient
    In a majority of cases, remote support can resolve any issues. Very rarely on-site support required.
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