Asset Accounting

Norming’s Asset Accounting module provides the basic functionality for processing asset accounting transactions, including acquisition, depreciation, adjustment, disposal and impairment.


  • Integrates with Sage 300 G/L, A/P, A/R, I/C, P/O and PJC.
  • Provides unlimited optional fields for asset register and transaction detail.
  • Provides flexible asset and barcode numbering.
  • Manage the asset construction progress.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Comprehensive inquiry and reporting functionality.

Asset numbering

  • Asset ID can consist of up to 72 characters with up to 9 segments
  • Each segment can use the segment code of category, cost center, location, and group.
  • Auto numbering facility is also available.
asset id or number

Asset Acquisition

  • Converts PJC transactions to assets.
  • Converts P/O receipts or invoices to assets.
  • Converts I/C internal usage to assets.
  • Converts A/P invoice to acquisition entry.
  • Creates A/P invoice or Misc. payment from acquisition batch.

Asset Depreciation

  • Provides up to 5 books for tracking asset depreciation.
  • Runs depreciation for a range of assets for any number of periods.
  • Depreciation calculation uses standard or user-defined formula.
  • Depreciation Projection facilitates financial planning.
depreciation projection
  • The depreciation can be reversed to any period of past years.

Asset Impairment

  • Impairment can be captured to comply with IFRS and GAAP principles.
  • Impairment reversal is enabled

Asset Adjustment

  • Changes asset value or salvage value.
  • Changes asset year depreciation.
  • Transfers assets between cost centers, locations, etc.
  • Changes asset life, depreciation method and rate.

Asset Disposal

  • Disposes asset at user-specified proceeds with user-defined proceeds account.
  • Creates A/R invoice or I/C receipt for asset disposal batch.
  • Bulk disposal is enabled.
  • Partial disposal is enabled.
  • Disposal transaction can be reversed.

Merge or Split Assets

  • One asset can be split to multiple assets.
  • Multiple assets can be merged to one asset.

Comprehensive Inquiry and Reporting features

  • Search asset by category, group, cost center, location
  • Review complete asset activities history and the original transaction entry.
  • Check component assets of master asset.
  • Maintain serial no. and bar-coding for each unit of asset.
  • Print standard or customized label for each unit of asset.
  • Print asset list, asset history and depreciation report for audit or reconciliation with G/L.
  • Print depreciation projection report for the financial planning.
  • Print capitalization analysis to compare budget with expenditure.


Norming Asset Accounting integrates with the following modules:

  • General Ledger,
asset accounting integration with sage 300 gl
  • Accounts Payable,
  • Accounts Receivable,
  • Inventory Control,
  • Purchase Order, and,
  • Project and Job Costing

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