Asset Maintenance

sage 300 asset maintenance

Based on the Asset Accounting module, the Asset Maintenance module can be used to manage the maintenance activity for equipment and components.

With Asset Maintenance module you can:

  • Manage maintenance resources and vendors.
  • Manage equipment and components.
  • Manage meters and SLA’s for equipment/components.
  • Set up notification for meter reading and renewal of SLA.
  • Set up schedule for regular maintenance activity.
  • Control budget for SLA and maintenance order.
  • Process maintenance expense with maintenance order.
  • Create AP invoice for maintenance expense.
  • Reverse Maintenance Entry
  • Track maintenance history and maintenance expense

Equipment and Meter

asset maintenance equipment
  • Equipment can be copied from asset register or entered manually.
  • Multiple meters can be maintained for equipment and component.
  • Meter is set up to track the equipment usage and production.
  • The usage criteria can be specified for meters to create maintenance order automatically on meter reading.

Schedule maintenance

Schedule asset maintenance on a regular basis.

asset maintenance schedular

Maintenance Vendors

  • Maintenance vendors can be copied from AP vendors.
  • SLA can be defined for each vendor.
  • Asset locations can be assigned to a vendor to define the service area covered by vendor
  • You can find all equipment covered by a vendor
asset maintenance vendors

Service Level Agreement

asset maintenance service level agreements
  • A SLA is signed up with a vendor to define the service terms.
  • Multiple SLA’s can be set up for an equipment or component.
  • Resource budget can be specified for SLA to control the expense.

Maintenance Order

asset maintenance order
  • Maintenance order defines the maintenance activities for equipment.
  • Maintenance order assigns resource for maintaining equipment.
  • Budget can be set up for Maintenance order to control maintenance expense.
  • Maintenance order can be created automatically by meter reading.
  • Purchase Requisition can be created for maintenance order.
  • Posting of maintenance entry can create AP invoice, IC Internal Usage and GL transaction

Asset maintenance module requires the Asset Accounting module

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