Vendor Catalogs

Vendor Catalogs stores advanced information to allow the accurate calculation of pricing from sophisticated buying agreements.

With this ability and many other options and settings in the catalog, purchasing workflow can make powerful purchasing suggestions.


  • Start and end dates for vendor prices
  • Manufacturing/delivery lead-times
  • Quantity breaks for reduced purchase prices
  • Default vendor flag
  • Minimum order quantities
  • Incremental order quantities
  • Vendor item number

Catalog Import Helper

Vendor Catalogs provides an easy to use import facility which allows vendors to supply a single flat file that represents their catalog.

This is first imported to a staging table and validated; any problems with the input data are clearly identified.

Finally this data is processed updating information in both Inventory Control and the Vendor Catalog.

Vendor Prices

Purchasing Workflow is able to default the lowest cost vendor at the time of requisition entry.

Purchasing staff and Cost Centre managers in the workflow process are capable (if the configuration allows) of reviewing the vendor selection and to modify where they feel an improved approach could gain a cost benefit:

  • Purchasing in an alternative unit of measure
  • A purchasing delay to access new pricing effective dates
  • Purchasing a higher quantity to achieve discounts, or
  • A different vendor
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