Payables Workflow

Payables Workflow provides essential functionality for Sage 300 sites looking to automate and streamline their payables process.

Organisations can now input supplier invoices (including scan) and have the document submitted to workflows for required approvals.


  • For organisations in multiple physical locations, removes the need for hard copy invoices to be distributed – streamlined approval process
  • Allows Finance staff to quickly identify which approver an invoice is sitting with for approval, and follow up accordingly – streamlined approval process
  • Significant reduction in the number of missing/lost invoices – reduced wasted time by Finance
  • Report on invoices in the approval process, which can be used as the basis of monthly accrual entries – more accurate financial reports
payables workflow

Workflow provides a sophisticated supplier invoice approval system for Sage 300.

Invoice Register

Supplier invoices are initially created into the Invoice Register; the screens are very familiar to the standard AP/PO Invoice Entry screens. Once created in the Invoice Register the invoice is submitted into the workflow and routed for approval as per the customisable workflow definition.

Workflow Documents is integrated with Payables Workflow, so document scans can be easily attached at the point of entry and accessible throughout the approval workflow process.


Multiple workflows are supported to cater for different approval flows within organisations. Workflows route the Invoices to approvers, typically the cost centre manager but there are many options including the current actioner’s manager and also any specific users if necessary. Another example is the workflow can resolve the necessary approver at the authorisation level based on the invoice value. Delegated authority levels are supported; the workflow will ensure that any delegate has adequate approval authority.

Integration with Accounts Payable

Approved invoices can be immediately appended to an open AP Invoice batch from the final approval in the workflow. Alternatively, a periodic batch process can be run that will create a batch from the approved invoices in the Invoice Register.

Integration with Purchase Orders

Approved invoices are immediately inserted into the PO module after the final approval in the workflow.


The substitution facility allows users to nominate another user to carry out their approvals while they are on leave.

Web Approvals/Mobile Approvals

A Web based Approval Console (an additional service) is available that allows simple & easy remote access by workflow approvers. Any approval actions via the browser-based Approval Console are effected instantly in the client’s on-premise Sage 300 implementation via Web Services. Support for direct access from mobile devices is also available providing an excellent workflow solution for management on the move.
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