Inter-Entity Transactions & Trade

Automate transaction flows when related entities trade goods or services.

Initiate a transaction in one entity, and reciprocal documents are automatically generated in the other.

Orchid Systems Inter-Entity Transactions & Trade facilitates transacting between entities in Sage 300, and supports a wide range of inter-company scenarios.

Many companies use both Inter-Entity Transactions (generally multi-database) to create offsetting entries to balance GL entries within entities and Inter-Entity Trade to create reciprocal documents when related entities trade products and services with each other.

Advantages of Inter-Entity Transactions & Trade

  • Keep entities in balance at all times
  • Offsetting loan account entries generated automatically
  • Mirrored entries are generated automatically
  • Tight control over transactions spanning multiple entities
  • Streamlines processing, eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Accounting staff report they are saving days of effort each month
  • Increases the accuracy of your financial data

Inter-Entity Transactions & Trade is developed in the Sage 300 SDK, providing the familiar Sage 300 look and feel.

Inter-Entity Transactions & Trade can be used independently, or bundled together.

Single Database

Keep entities in balance at all times, with offsetting entries automatically generated in each entity based on highly configurable rules

  • Entities are defined by one or more segment values in the GL chart of accounts
  • Offsetting loan account/balancing GL entries between entities, in a single Sage 300 databases
  • Upgrade to Inter-Entity Transactions multi database for entities across Sage 300 databases
  • Triggering of additional GL, AR and AP transactions within an entity

Multi Database

All functionality in Inter-Entity Transactions Single database to generate balancing entries supported for entities across multiple Sage 300 databases + Cash Management.

  • Offsetting loan account / balancing GL entries between entities, across multiple Sage 300 databases
  • Bank Transfers across databases
  • Receipts allocated to Customer invoices in other databases
  • Payments allocated to Vendor Invoices in other databases
  • Consolidated AR and AP trial balances across databases
  • Loan account balance enquiries across databases

Creates reciprocal documents in Sage 300 when related entities trade products or services with each other

  • Mirrored buy and sell transactions across entities for AR/AP and OE/PO
  • Mirrored receipt and payment transactions across entities for AR and AP
  • Create Purchase Orders from Sales Orders within an entity
  • Inter-Entity Trade operates within one and/or across multiple Sage 300 databases

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