Document Management Link

Access supporting documents from within Sage with Orchid Systems Document Management Link (DML) add-on.

DML provides easy access to essential documents directly from your Sage 300 screens.

  • File, locate and refer to relevant documents (e.g. POs, Invoices, Contracts) when processing transactions in Sage 300
  • Economical document management system to streamline all Sage 300 processes that require supporting information
  • Seamless integration between Sage 300 and your document management or file-sharing system (e.g. SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • You control how and where documents are displayed
  • Helps make the paperless office a reality
  • Support remote working, staff mobility or multiple office locations by overcoming your reliance on physical documents

Document Management Link features include:

Link files to Sage 300 fields and screens

  • Any Sage 300 field displayed on a screen, including Grid fields, (except for check-boxes or drop-down selections)
  • Up to two fields, e.g. Vendor and Item, to filter selection
  • Sub-directories – e.g. to allow access to archived documents
  • Optionally specify which screens will trigger the display of linked documents
  • Optionally configure filters to restrict which files to display
  • Compatible with other 3rd party modules developed in the SDK

Viewing Documents

When the user opens a Sage 300 screen that references the configured fields:

  • An ‘Alert Box’ will open to reveal any documents that have been linked to field values on that screen
  • The user can then open those documents, or add new ones
  • Documents saved in the configured folders are available for display in the DML Alert Box
  • Most file types supported

Adding Documents

  • Dragging & dropping documents directly into the DML Alert Box from within Sage 300 will deposit them into the designated folder
  • Optionally trigger an automatic file rename, based on rules you nominate, when adding files by drag & drop from Sage 300
  • Emails and/or email attachments can also be dragged and dropped directly from your Outlook desktop client into the DML Alert Box
  • Documents can also be saved directly into the nominated storage location from outside Sage 300, (e.g. 3rd party program, Extender script)

Document Storage & Sharing Options

You nominate where linked documents reside. either in a shared network folder, or Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Single site can combine network folder and SharePoint
  • Nominate the folders where different types of documents are to be stored

Using DML with network folders

  • Email files stored in the network folder directly from the DML Alert Box from Outlook
  • Map that folder to a cloud-based file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive)
  • Take advantage of the synchronisation and sharing capabilities those services offer

Using DML with SharePoint

  • Benefit from its collaboration and security features
  • Automatically trigger standard SharePoint workflows for notification, approval, multi-user approval or feedback when you add a document to DML
  • Create & trigger custom SharePoint workflows

Use case examples:

Purchase and payment process

  • Purchase orders and invoices
  • Employee expense claims
  • Link an Accounts Payable Invoice during A/P Invoice Entry, also making it visible from the A/P Vendor Activity and A/P Payment Entry screens
  • Link an A/P Invoice in one Sage 300 company, and have it appear automatically from within another Sage 300 company (e.g. in conjunction with Orchid Inter-Entity Transactions or Inter-Entity Trade)

Sales order documents

  • Link a delivery document during O/E Order Entry, also making it visible from the O/E Shipment Entry and O/E Invoice Entry screens
  • Product Specifications; Contracts; Tenders; Legal documents
  • Dispatch & Shipping Advices; Bills of Lading & Air Waybills
  • Collection & Delivery documents; Customs, Quarantine and Inspection documents

Minimum Requirements

  • Document Management Link 2020 requires Sage 300 2020 System Manager
  • Document Management Link User licences are required to access DML functionality. (The first concurrent DML User licence is included when you purchase DML)
  • Microsoft SharePoint (on-premises version supported by Microsoft or SharePoint for Office 365) is required to take advantage of SharePoint features.
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