Sage 300 Purchase Order overview

The Sage 300 Purchase Order module provides comprehensive purchasing management from creation of purchase requisitions to when the supplier invoice is received.

With the Sage 300 Purchase Order module, purchasing functions can be effectively streamlined and delegated to the purchasing department.

Features in Sage 300 Purchase Order include:

  1. Requisition entry
  2. Purchase order entry
  3. Receipt entry
  4. Invoice entry
  5. Return entry
  6. Credit/debit note entry

In addition, you can auto-generate purchase orders from:

  1. Purchase requisitions
  2. Inventory control
  3. Order entry
sage 300 create po from requisitions
Generate purchase orders from purchase requisitions
sage 300 create po from inventory
Generate purchase orders from Sage 300 Inventory Control
sage 300 create po from order entry
Generate purchase orders from Sage 300 Order Entry
Note: Sage 300 Purchase Order requires the Sage 300 Accounts Payable module.
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