Adobe Flash Player EOL

Adobe has announced that their Adobe Flash Player software will reach its End of Life (EOL) and will stop distributing and updating it after 31 December 2020.

Adobe says on it’s website:
After the EOL date, Adobe does not intend to issue Flash Player updates or security patches. Therefore, Adobe will continue to prompt users to uninstall Flash Player and strongly recommends that all users immediately uninstall Flash Player.
To help secure users’ systems, Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021.
adobe flash player end of support

If you need help uninstalling Flash Player, Adobe has provided instructions for removing Flash on Windows systems.

What does this mean for Sage 300 customers?

Sage 300 currently utilizes Adobe Flash Player for the Visual Process Flow feature and customers using this feature will be impacted by this change.

In order to help customers with the best possible experience through this change, Sage will be introducing several new product updates in mid-December 2020 for Sage 300 v2019.7 and 2020.4 so that the new Visual Process Flow feature no longer requires Adobe Flash Player.

Customers that install the updates for Sage 300 v2019.7 and 2020.4 will be able to view their custom visual process flows.

They will be able to create new process flows and/or edit existing process flows in subsequent Sage 300 v2019 and 2020 updates.

There might be some differences with the new Visual Process flow from the current:

  • Tooltips always appear. Previously, tooltips were hidden until you hovered over the element with the tooltip.
  • Text in your custom flows that was formatted as bold or italic no longer has this formatting.
  • The font size of some text may be reduced.
  • Text items with a trailing “end of line” character may be missing.
  • Text items containing HTML may be missing.
  • Animations (such as a Clock) are no longer supported.
  • Some images are no longer supported.
  • Fill patterns and gradients are no longer supported.
  • Some elements may appear slightly blurry.

Next steps

If you use Visual Process Flows you will need to apply the latest product updates of Sage 300, v2019.7 or 2020.4,  to use the new Visual Process flow feature.


Sage have redesigned Visual Process Flows so they no longer require Adobe Flash.

Sage 300 2020 Product Update 4 release includes updated versions of the process flow templates that were available previously.

You can use these templates as well as any custom process flows that you already have.

However, in Sage 300 2020.4 release you will not be able to create or change process flows.

The ability to customize process flows will be restored in a future release.

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