sales anywhere sage 300

Cost effective solutions with instant time to benefits for SMEs.

SalesAnywhere uses web service technology and the Sage 300 SDK to provide real-time online posting of transactions from phones or tablets when salesmen are on the road.

Shipment and invoicing

If physical products or services are delivered to customers by mobile salesmen, shipments and invoices can be generated and posted as well on the spot, and payments recorded.

  • Keep stock availability and count up-to-date
  • Generate and print invoices on mobile printers
  • Record payments against the invoices which are added as A/R Receipts right away
  • Enable Signature


Salesmen can also look up previous orders in Sage 300 and amend them, or continue with the sales cycle when goods are delivered to the customers.

  • Look up orders and continue with shipment and invoicing
  • Generate new orders based on previous ones
  • Payment gateways support stripe


Put your salesmen in control of reminding their customers of overdue payments. They would be glad as their commissions depend on full customer payments.

Promotion QR Codes

An easy way to make your promotion to reach your customers and enable customer to enter the order conveniently and quickly.
promotion qr codes

POS Mode

  • Mini-POS for over-the-counter sale
    • Trade shows
    • Pop-up stores
  • No need for expensive POS hardware
    • For occasional use
    • Not a retail store
salesanywhere pos mode

Customer Self-service app

The Customer Self-service app allows your end-customers to place orders with you any-time anywhere. Eliminate manual work of order taking and of notifying your customers with shipment and invoicing status.

  • Browse items and place orders any-time anywhere.
  • See current promotions and discounts
  • Get notification once an order is released, shipped, and invoiced
  • View invoices and pay within the app
  • Check past orders and re-order
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