Sage 300 2021

Sage 300 2021 was released in Asia in February 2021.

With this release, Sage have introduced several new features such as sales withholding tax, longer cheque fields and changing font size on web UI.

  • Sales Withholding Tax
    Businesses can now withhold taxes during a sale to customers and remit that tax amount to tax authorities as required.
    This feature allows for the business to withhold some or all of the tax amount – which can be calculated based on the sales price or inputted as a flat amount per transaction.
    This is ideal for businesses working with or who are nonprofits and governmental organizations
  • Increased cheque field length
    The number of characters in the cheque field has been increased from 9 to 15.
  • Sage 300cloud – Change font size in web UI
    Sage continues to enhance the user experience of the web UI with the ability to change the font size displayed.
    See more information by making text smaller.
    A new Text Size setting lets you change the size of text on web screens to smaller sizes than the default.
    Using smaller text lets you see more fields and controls without having to scroll down.
    You can set text size for all screens, or for individual specific screens.
  • Visual Process Flow
    The Visual Process Flow in version 2021 no longer requires Adobe Flash Player (Sage 300 2021 PU1 is required).
    See our update on Adobe Flash EOL for more details

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