Inter-Entity Trade

Orchid Systems Inter-Entity Trade Creates reciprocal documents in Sage 300 when related entities trade products or services with each other.

Automates Sage 300 transaction flows when related entities trade
goods or services with each other

  • Transactions are entered once and replicated across companies according to rules you setup
  • Enhances productivity by eliminating the need to create and check duplicate entries
  • When you initiate a transaction in one entity, Inter-Entity Trade creates the corresponding entries in the other
  • Improves accuracy and auditability in complex organizational structures
  • Simplifies collaboration and enhance visibility of operations across a group of companies

Inter-Entity Trade Features

Configuration Options

  • Inter-Entity Trade operates within one and/or across multiple Sage 300 databases
  • Map which companies will trade with each other
  • Map information to flow through from document to document
  • Comprehensive audit logging to ensure that all transactions are accounted for
  • Select which documents flow through

Trade AP to AR or AR to AP

  • Map AP Vendor in Source company to AR customer in Target company (or vice versa).
  • Map Source document GL Account to Target document GL Account.
  • Automate elimination entries in a consolidation or elimination company.
  • Specify a multiplier to mark up or mark down the Target document.
  • Include Sage 300 Project & Job Costing fields to be transferred from Source document to Target document.

Create documents from:

  • AP Invoices to AR Invoices
  • AR Invoices to AP Invoices
  • AP Credit Notes to AR Credit Notes
  • AR Credit Notes to AP Credit Notes
  • AP Payments to AR Receipts
  • AR Receipts to AP Payments

Trade OE/PO options

  • Include Sage 300 Project and Job Costing fields to be transferred from the Source document to the Target document.
  • Include Sage 300 IC Serial and Lot Number fields to be transferred from the Source document to the Target document.
  • Override the category on the Target OE documents to easily identify intergroup transactions for consolidated reporting.
  • Override the location on the Target OE or PO documents to easily identify intergroup transactions for consolidated reporting.
  • Map IC items across companies if not identical.
  • Allow bi-directional processing. E.g. if POs in Company 1 against Vendor 2 automatically created Sales Orders (SOs) in Company 2 against Customer 1, you can either:
    • “Receive” the PO, which will cause the SO to be shipped, or;
    • Ship the SO, which will cause the PO to be receipted.

Trade OE to PO or PO to OE

  • Account to Account mapping. Map OE customer in Source company to PO vendor in Target company (or vice versa).
  • “Ship Via” to Account Mapping. Map OE “Ship Via” in Source company to PO Vendor in Target company (or vice versa).

Create documents from:

  • OE Orders to PO Orders
  • OE Shipments to PO Receipts
  • OE Invoices to PO Invoices
  • OE Credit Notes to PO Returns
  • PO Orders to OE Orders
  • PO Receipts to OE Shipments
  • PO Invoices to OE Invoices
  • PO Returns to OE Credit Notes

Business Scenario Examples

Company A (Source company) sells goods to Company B (Target company), with OE Sales Order and OE Shipment documents being created in Company A.

  • Inter-Entity Trade (IET) automates the generation of the corresponding Purchase Order and goods Receipt documents in Company B.
  • Once the OE/AR Invoice has been issued by Company A, IET also generates the corresponding PO/AP Invoice in Company B.

Company B carries out services for Company A

  • Either Company can raise the Invoice, and IET will issue the corresponding AR or AP Invoice for the other party.
  • Company A can pay the Invoice, and have IET automatically create the Receipt in Company B. Alternatively, Company B can enter the Receipt, and have IET create the Payment in Company A.

Minimum Requirements

  • Inter-Entity Trade 2020 requires Sage 300 2020 System Manager, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  • Inter-Entity Trade optionally works with Sage 300 2020 Order Entry, Inventory Control and Purchase Orders, and Orchid Inter-Entity Transactions.
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